What To Look For In A Free Website SEO Builder

If you have an online business, you need to get higher rankings on major search engines. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo are used by many potential customers and according to statistics, if your online business is not on the first few pages in search engines, it will most likely fail. Consider this: if you are looking for a service or a product, how many pages in search engines do you click before you find what you are searching for? Most probably you are going to find it within the first page. Right now, when you check your site rankings on search engines, do you often find it on page five, fourteen or lower? If yes, then you need to find a way to be on the first page. You can get free website SEO that is available for you from an affordable SEO firm.

Search Engine Optimization, or popularly known as SEO, use keywords that people type into Google and other search engines to find a specific product, item or service they are looking for. For example, if you sell bags, you must put rich content on your website that uses the keywords bag and bags frequently. Just take note that although you want to use the keywords frequently, you cannot use them too much or you else, you will find yourself getting penalized and getting lower rankings instead.

The free website SEO should not only help your business rank on search engines, but should also give you free templates to choose from. You have to choose a template that fits your business style.

The free website SEO package should also provide images that are optimized for search engine optimization. You should be able to take care of your own images for maximum ease. Other items that are optimized for SEO include links, H1 to H6, color, font, etc. You do not have to even worry about being literate in HTML because the free website SEO builder is usually designed for novice.

Finally, blogs can help your SEO rankings. The free website SEO builder should have a blog feature on it. By setting a time to type one blog a day onto your website, you will help your online business rank high faster. Just be sure to fill your blog with quality content and keep the targeted reader in mind so that they keep coming back to get more interesting information. Another advantage for having high quality blog content is that it will rank higher on Google and other search engines. If you just fill your website blog with fluff, you can end up lowering your site rank on search engines.

So look for a free website builder with these features. It will put your business on the first page in search engines. This way, you will get more traffic to your site and eventually give you more revenue.